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Clients of 3x Anders

Career advise clients
"I did a career advice project with 3x Anders and during the project, I chose a completely different direction. I started the HBO Information Management which I did not think I could do. During the sessions, my self confidence grew and I was happy I dared to start the training."
Irene de Visser (26 years old)

Reintegration and outplacement
"I found the personal approach of 3x Anders very positive. Through the methods in the sessions that 3x Anders used, it became clear to me what possibilities I have. The reintegration project with 3x Anders has also given me self belief. As a result of this, I have decided to finish my study for a HBO MWD and work now as an out- patient attendant by RIBW K/AM. "
Rob T. (47 years old)

Other assignments