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What does 3x Anders do?
The candidate is the starting point with 3xAnders. Central to all the different options that we offer including career training, outplacement and reintegration is the idea that the candidate comes first and we do what is best for the candidate. We provide clarity and structure but give responsibility for the successful implementation of the counselling to the candidate.

The 3x Anders personal approach is different in several ways:

An alternative approach = make an inventory
Taking a different view, we research who you are, what your ambitions are and where your key strengths lie. We use methods such as:
  • Biographical career By determining the main employment and education choices you have made so far in your life, we gain insight into your true motivation.

  • Success analysis Asking questions about your successes (what was the situation, your task and action in it and the final result). This will give you an overview of the personal and business successes in your life so far and the influences on your future success.

  • Work style You are unique; it is the individual differences that make you special. Here we look at all the specific skills you use at work in order to discover what 'work type' you are.

  • Key Competencies With help from the key quadrants of Daniel Ofman, we index your qualities, pit falls, challenges and allergies. We also look at how you can apply or improve them.

  • External job aptitude and profiling tests can also be used to help form the picture of who you are.

Alternative Work = taking action
After making an inventory we have a clear picture of what you want and where your strengths lie. In this phase you will build on the initial assessment through doing research and investigating the job market.

Researching the job market
  • Analysis of suitable business and career choices supervised by a career advisor resulting in the development of a realistic action plan.
  • Helping you create or improve your curriculum vitae and letter of applications.
  • Approach to the job market
  • Building up your personal network.
  • Exploring the different ways of applying for a job.
  • Another Life = Reflection
    Your life is never static; in your life there's always growth and development. You remain open to new ideas that could influence your work life. Also, once you start your new career, there will come trigger points for further self-reflection. So your action plan may need to be modified to ensure you stay on the right track!
    Added value for you
  • Gain an insight into your strong and weak qualities
  • Realistic view of your opportunities and possibilities
  • A suitable job
  • Continuously growth and development in your (working) life