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What does 3x Anders offer

Career advising | Outplacement | Reintegration | Training

Career advising
Career advising is appropriate if you wish to orientate (or reorientate) yourself about the possibilities to develop and structure your career. The reasons for wanting to do this can be:
  • Questions about your future career
  • Just feeling that you can get more out of your present job
  • Conflicts at work
  • Changes in your private life
Prior to the training, there is an orientation meeting of about an hour, where we try to clarify all your career questions and to fully explain how we work, to you. If, after this meeting, you feel that you can benefit from this process, we will then make a plan, together, for your career advising. This is always tailor-made to suit the requirements of each individual.

Based on the career questions that are identified during the orientation meeting we select a number of assessments and processes - in order to analyse your career- which can be used at later sessions.

You will follow a course of between four to six sessions of an hour and a half each. In preparation for the sessions, you will be given exercises to do. In order for these to be useful, you must allow a reasonable amount of preparation time for each session. During the training you will develop a personal action plan, which will be your own plan to follow. After completing the training, there will be a closing conversation to discuss your achievements and to agree on an evaluation date.

If you come to us, via outplacement, then we offer another type of process that is often developed from within the organisation where you work. An outplacement project is similar to a career advising apart from one or two important points: it is more extensive and as it focuses on the process of leaving your current work, it therefore a longer project. As with career counselling, it requires tailor made solutions. More information about the contents and the costs can be obtained by giving a call or emailing

If you are partially handicapped or have been unemployed for six months or longer, it is possible to follow an individual reintegration project. 3xAnders can advise you which project fits you best. The UWV sets an individual budget at your disposal (IRO). More information about the contents and the costs can be obtained by giving a call or sending an email to

3x Anders provides the following training for groups of 4 to 14 people:
  • Job orientation
  • Job application training
  • Networking
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Conflict management
  • Career guidance

More information on the contents and the cost of these trainings can be requested by giving a call or emailing us at